Vision, mission and core values


ForFarmers wants to be the leading livestock feed company in Europe and neighbouring regions (Europe+). ForFarmers achieves this by offering cost-effective and sustainable Total Feed solutions to farmers so that they can produce high-quality meat, eggs and dairy products.


Our mission ‘For the Future of Farming’ demonstrates the confidence we have in the future of the agricultural sector. Our efforts are first and foremost focused on responsible food production, continuity of the farming business and making both the agricultural sector and society in general more sustainable. We are convinced that our long-term value creation model 'the Total Feed approach' enables us to contribute to better returns, healthier herds and greater on-farm efficiency. The agricultural sector is faced with the challenge of supplying a growing world population with animal protein. As the European market leader in livestock nutrition we therefore have not just the opportunity but also the obligation to make a substantial contribution to making meat, egg and dairy production more efficient and sustainable. We seek to achieve this by focusing on:

Results: Targeted planning, monitoring and analysis of the results of the farming business.

Team: Assistance from specialist expert advisers.

Products: Tailored solutions and our Total Feed approach.

Core values

The following core values serve as a sustainable compass for our business culture:


We aim to lift results to an ever-higher level, both on-farm and within our own organisation. This calls for clear leadership and a well-attuned team. Recruiting, developing and retaining the best people and motivating them to raise the bar on their performance even further are crucial aspects in this, as are placing trust and responsibility in our staff.


We view sustainability as an integral and logical part of our business. Responsible use of natural resources and scarce raw materials, reducing the pressure on the environment and enhancing animal welfare are logical consequences of this. We take a long-term view in what we do, based on trust and transparency, we respect local regulations and procedures and show consideration for our living environment.


Our activities are focused on providing the best possible support to our customers. The bedrock of this is cooperation: with customers and suppliers as well as with strategic partners in the various sectors. The guiding principle is a long-term relationship based on trust.