How we create value: Total Feed approach

Farming businesses in Europe are seeing an ever-increasing focus on sustainable production, food safety and animal wellfare. This requires additional investments and adjustments in the way of working and is driving the ongoing consolidation of farming businesses. Under the influence of this as well as other factors the needs in terms of feed solutions and on-farm support are changing. The ForFarmers Total Feed approach is aimed at achieving better returns, healthier herds and greater efficiency on-farm.

Better returns through targeted solutions

Livestock farmers’ returns are largely dependent on the production of their animals and so we aim to supply good feed and appropriate advice throughout the various stages of an animal’s life. In this way, we help livestock farmers to keep animals healthy, to organise their business efficiently and to increase on-farm results. In so doing we create value for our customers and for other stakeholders.


Total Feed approach: feed, advice and tools

We have a strong tradition in the development and production of compound feed and complementary feed for livestock farmers. Our product portfolio comprises compound feed, specialties such as young animal feed, moist co-products, individual raw materials, seeds and fertilizers.

Our advisory services encompass all aspects of feed, livestock farming and business development which are relevant to customers. The use of on-farm data is essential to enable us to provide the best possible advice, with our advisers translating the data into appropriate, customer-focused solutions.
The data is also used in our tools to enable farmers to set business objectives, and monitor and benchmark results.

For certain specific products – for example premixes, specialties, additives and seeds – we choose to work with strategic partners that specialise in these specific products. For instance we have a strategic partnership with Nutreco for specialties such as young animal feed. Our role as on-farm adviser means we enjoy good and often long-standing relationships with farmers.

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