ForFarmers in brief

ForFarmers is the market leader in the European livestock feed industry, providing all-round innovative and sustainable feed solutions to (organic) livestock farmers. Our mission ‘For the Future of Farming’ focuses on responsible food production, continuity of the farming business and making both the agricultural sector and society in general more sustainable, and is based on close cooperation with customers and strategic partners. Our long-term value creation model, the Total Feed approach, helps livestock farmers achieve healthier herds and greater efficiency, and with it better on-farm returns. It involves providing tailored solutions comprising feed and other products, specialist advice and data-driven tools. Our specialist expert advisers pay regular visits to our customers in order to work with them to interpret on-farm data to help devise the best possible solutions.


The rich history of ForFarmers goes back to 1896, which saw the foundation of the cooperative that was one of our legal predecessors. Over the next decades the cooperative grew as a result of organic growth, mergers and acquisitions. The international expansion of ForFarmers began in 2005. As a result of making acquisitions we became active in Germany, Belgium and the United Kingdom. ForFarmers shares were listed on Euronext Amsterdam in 2016. The acquisition of 60% of the shares of Tasomix in Poland in July 2018 saw us extending our activities into this country with its rapidly growing poultry sector. These acquisitions have helped create a unique combination of knowledge and experience that is used to support agricultural entrepreneurs in realising their business objectives.


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Sustainable business

The demand for animal protein such as meat, eggs and dairy products will increase over the coming decades driven by global population growth and increasing prosperity. The challenge is to find a sustainable way of meeting this demand and minimising the use of raw materials and natural resources such as energy, land and water. Livestock nutrition and farming also have an important role to play in this.
Sustainability is an integral and natural part of our business. We work constantly to improve feed efficiency: more (animal protein) production with less feed. We invest in research through our own Nutrition Innovation Centre (NIC) and work with renowned research institutes, universities and strategic partners to keep making our knowledge, products and tools better and more sustainable. Improving the technical performance of feed, optimum growth of the animal and nutritional solutions that contribute to good animal health are at the heart of this.
We have linked our sustainability objectives to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals aimed at good health and well-being (3), responsible consumption and production (12), climate action (13), life on land (15) as well as partnerships to achieve goals (17).

Key figures

ForFarmers employs 2,654 FTEs (2,761 employees) and has production facilities in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Poland and the United Kingdom. The company is headquartered in the Dutch town of Lochem. Total Feed volume in 2018 was 10 million tonnes, revenue equalled €2.4 billion and the gross profit was €443.4 million.