This webversion of the annual report, including the financial statements, is a translation of the original Dutch text. In case of any difference in interpretation between the translation and the original Dutch text, the latter shall prevail.

This webversion could contain forward-looking statements, which, rather than referring to historical facts, refer to the Executive Board's expectations based on current insights and assumptions which are subject to known and unknown risks and uncertainties, and may cause the actual results, presentations or events to differ materially from the statements in this annual report. Many of these risks and uncertainties are linked to factors over which ForFarmers has no control and/or which it is unable to accurately estimate, such as, for example, the effect of general economic or political circumstances, price development and the availability of raw materials, animal diseases or interest-rate and currency fluctuations ForFarmers accepts no obligation or responsibility whatsoever to update forward-looking statements contained in this document, irrespective of whether they reflect new information, future events or otherwise, subject to ForFarmers' legal obligation to do so.